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Today, I allow my Individuality to be spontaneous and free! Today I return to my Divine Authority and I am welcomed by Life’s willingness to perform.

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What lies behind me and what lies before me are tiny matters compared to what lies within me.
  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What Members are Saying

No matter how my life is going, I love connecting with my spiritual community. I always get what I need, exactly when I need it.
Diane Estrada
This Center has brought unconditional love, limitless inspiration and genuine joy into my life. This spiritual community has introduced me to supportive, dynamic and positive people that I feel honored to call my friends and spiritual family. The Center connects you to the truth that infinite possibilities exist for all. You just need to believe it.
Rachel Sutton
The messages and community always guide me in a positive direction. I love spending time with so many like minded people. Thank you CSLNM!
Julie Stone
I’ve been a part of the Center for the past 11 years which has given me a spiritual foundation upon which I’ve created a life of limitless potential… and a lot of really great friends.
Jeffrey D Brown